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German Shepherd can be a very ideal dog for the family. Due to their caring temperament and calmness, domestic dogs are good. Here we give you 10 reasons to choose German Shepherd as your family dog:
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1 German shepherd is very clever - a large percentage of the world's police dogs are German Shepherds. They are racially intelligent and can easily learn whatever they want.
2 German Shepherds respect their owners and take good care of them - they have a self-governing and caring behavior over their owners. If properly trained, they will maintain friendly, respectful and special relationships with their owners and protect them with all their being.
3 German Shepherds have high energy - because of the high energy, this race will not get tired too soon. So your children can play with them as much as they want

4 The German Shepherds are loyal and can learn almost anything - they are a very loyal race that plays their part in protecting and serving the family that is a member of it. These dogs can do almost anything with proper training.
5 One of the best breeders of the guard - with a brilliant record of serving as a police dog, they know how to care for their families. The German Shepherd is one of the best guard dogs that will endanger their lives to protect their owners against enemies.
6 They can be marvelous companions - this race is very nice and behaves friendly to family members. Their reaction to the strangers will certainly not be friendly, but they can be ideal companions for the faces they know.